Here are The Accounting Hub we enjoy working with innovative, smart and forward thinking teams. Here’s few we would like to tell you about: Department of Post, Skimming StonesBuildspace and kplegal.

James Gardner, Co-Owner at Department of Post, Auckland

Department of Post studio, AucklandPhoto courtesy of Department of Post. Copyright 2015.

The Department of Post is one of our most interesting clients, working in an exciting industry! They are a film finishing company that, in layperson terms, do all the technical stuff to finish a film so it’s ready for TV or cinema. Things like calibrating, adding effects, removing unwanted bits from the images, adding opening and closing credits and generally tidying things up. Although they are just a small team of eight people, they handle an enormous amount of work, around one third of New Zealand TV work passes through them in one way or another.

We were lucky enough to have met James a couple of years ago. It started when James did a Google search for an accountant. He was looking for a good fit for their company, an accountant that specialised in cloud technology was a pre-requisite. Being Xero specialists and experts in accounting technology, they decided on The Accounting Hub.

James and the team at Department of Post have embraced Xero whole-heartedly and love that there is less paper to deal with, better cashflow, as well as more accurate and detailed records of their business.

Here’s what James says about The Accounting Hub:

With Xero we can reconcile as we go along which means we don’t have a headache at the end of the month trying to reconcile each line from a bank statement. Our office manager drafts up invoices and emails them through to the appropriate person for approval.

Because Andrew knows that we like to use technology in our business, he is good at recommending smart Xero apps and plugins.  One app that he recommended is Smart Payroll. It’s idiot proof! We used to pay wages manually and ended up with problems. Because we don’t have a sole person dedicated to accounts, we appreciate not having to do manual tasks such as filing PAYE, Smart Payroll takes care of this.

Andrew has also recommended Receipt Bank. We really like the concept and will introduce it into our systems in the near future.

We were put onto a tax management company (Tax Management NZ) by Andrew. They deal with provisional tax which saves us money. The tax savings probably almost pays for The Accounting Hub’s annual fees!

As you can see James and the team at The Department of Post are dream clients; interesting industry, Xero lovers and super smart at what they do. Given their role in ‘tidying things up’ it is no wonder they embraced Xero and add-on apps to streamline systems, get rid of paper and save time. We enjoy working with such a forward thinking bunch and being part of their business journey.

Kelly Hunt, Owner of Skimming Stones, Auckland

Kelly Hunt from Skimming Stones

Skimming Stones is small video editing and TV content production company based in Auckland. Kelly is a highly experienced television producer, director, editor and a proficient camera operator. He produces corporate, promotional, short film and TV work. Skimming Stones is a one-stop shop for scripting, shooting and editing.

With stints working overseas in the UK for TV companies, in the Australian music and TV industry, and then back home working for TVNZ, Kelly and his business Skimming Stones is thriving. Thanks for the kind words, we are pleased to be on board behind the scenes helping with this interesting and successful business:

When I first came back from overseas, I needed an accountant for my investment property. I ended up with an accountant that was high-end and just too expensive for what was required. If I asked her a question, she would charge like a wounded bull for every minute.

So further down the track when I set up Skimming Stones, I Google searched for a new accountant and came up with a short list of three possible candidates. After phoning each one I decided on The Accounting Hub. I found Andrew easy to talk to and friendly. We spent time discussing my needs and he offered me a good price.

Although I feel like I have tested our professional friendship with the amount of questions I have bombarded them with, Andrew and his team have always been more than helpful. I can approach them with ‘dumb’ questions but not feel like I’m going to be charged through the nose. It’s comforting.

Andrew and the team reply promptly to emails and they’ve helped me to overcome my fear of figures and actually understand end of year financials, GST returns and all the basic stuff.  Xero has sped up the accounting process and made things easier for my business.

The Accounting Hub has helped me understand the back end of the business. It’s the most boring part but it’s the stuff you have to know otherwise you go to jail or end up going bust!

Collaborative relationships are important to me. The Accounting Hub is willing to look after fledging clients like me and I feel like we are helping each other build our businesses together.

Kirstin Poole, Partner/Owner, kplegal

Kirstin Poole, kplegal

Kirstin is partner/owner of kplegal. Like us, kplegal specialises in offering practical solutions to small-medium businesses.

kplegal is a small, dynamic legal practice that provides commercial, financial and personal legal services.  Their focus is on providing smart, efficient and quality legal services to their clients.  We have been working with the firm for two years now and we have enjoyed watching their business grow.

We like to think we have lots of things in common so we decided to chat to Kirstin about why The Accounting Hub fits nicely with her business model.

Here is what Kirstin had to say:

I met Andrew through mutual clients and was immediately impressed by his honest and pragmatic approach – he aligns with my core values.  He’s down to earth and has practical solutions to my business concerns.  I get on with him because he’s similar to me, we’re at a similar stage in business, and we even live in the same neighbourhood! 

It’s easy to ask him questions and talk things over with him, he doesn’t mind.  He’s given me good advice about how to structure my law firm and personal finances.

The Accounting Hub team are really lovely people.  I emailed Helen with a question today and she sorted it out straight away.

My old accountant did the job but he was expensive and only really did my end of year accounts.  He didn’t even use Xero.

The Accounting Hub is modern and cost effective, I get more bang for my buck!

We enjoy working with kplegal too, we feel we are like-minded and that we can share in their success as their business thrives. Our relationship with Kirstin has flourished and we are grateful for her referring many of her social circle and clients to us.

We think small, innovative and nimble professional businesses are the way of the future.